Alligator fish


Volodya, like many boys, loved dinosaurs. He read books about them, watched films and cartoons and was very sorry that he could not get to know the dinosaurs personally.

- After all, they lived so long! he said upset. - There were no people then, there was no one to draw or photograph them. Therefore, we can only imagine how they looked ...

- Well, why, some relatives of dinosaurs still exist,- grandfather once said.

- True? Who is it?

- Alligator fish. They look the same as they did a hundred and fifty million years ago, can you imagine? In the Mesozoic era, such fish lived all over the planet, and now they are found in lakes and rivers of America and Cuba. Surprising endurance helped them survive to this day. They can do without water for two whole hours! And all this time they breathe ordinary air.

- Wow! Do they look like dinosaurs?

- Rather, on crocodiles. No wonder they were called alligators. The whole body of these fish is covered with strong greenish scales resembling a shell. They are the size of a real crocodile, so they are often confused. Like crocodiles, they like to settle in warm muddy backwaters: in such water they are difficult to notice because of the color. But they themselves see perfectly in the depths. It helps to hunt. By the way, they have the longest jaw among the fish, and they have very sharp teeth! Therefore, small fish and crabs can not escape from them. Adult alligator fish, like real crocodiles, prey even on small animals.

- Wow ... Ancient animals among us! - whispered Volodya. - Just like in science fiction films!