Pisces - Starry


Once upon a time there was an astrologer. Only the cap with the stars he did not have. And a long white beard too. And he did not live in a fabulous tower, but in an aquarium! The stargazer was a small fish that was nicknamed for its funny eyes, looking up. No one knows exactly where these fish came from. They say that before they were kept in special jars, the light into which penetrated only from above. Here gradually the eyes of the fish began to resemble telescopes. Stargazers were very fond of Chinese monks. It seemed to them that from their aquarium, the fish were looking directly at the sky, for which they were given another name - the Eye of Heaven.

And then it turned out that the peaceful aquarium fish has a namesake - a stargazer fish that lives in the sea. With her big eyes, she also looks up, but not at all to count the stars - so she guards the prey.

And he hardly sees that an appetizing someone swims past, then immediately throws the bait out of his mouth. And if the prey gets big, the stargazer beats an electric shock and sprays poison.

Here they are so different, fish with the same name.