Largest number


Tonti walked around the room.

- Molly! he said unexpectedly.

- What is the largest number?

- Quarkapatcrystalline,- Molly answered instantly.

- There is no such number!

- And there it is! So many cakes can eat the most important sweet tooth in the world ...

- But how many zeros does this have?

Molly grabbed a leaf and began to display rows of tiny zeros.

- The largest number does not exist. Because we can draw zeros endlessly, Mollina's grandmother intervened. - But there is the largest number that has a name. This is the number of asankheya. It was invented in India thousands of years ago. It is a unit and 140 zeros. And in second place, the number of googles is one and one hundred zeros. The funny word "googol" was invented by the little son of a mathematician. Googol is a lot. This is much more than the amount of all grains of sand in all deserts of the Earth.

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