This Thursday at school was not like other Thursdays. All students from the first to eleventh grade were in the clouds and smiled mysteriously. On all boards neatly displayed date flaunted. *Fourteenth of February*

In our class there was an unwritten rule to write valentines to all friends. This is a very good rule! On the one hand, everyone receives hearts and is not offended by anyone, but on the other, no one knows who received the confession and who does not.

Olya also prepared a whole stack of valentines. There was one special one among them - for Yura Vorobyov. The guys had been looking at each other for a month, and Olya was sure that she would also receive the coveted heart. She folded the valentines into her favorite book, Detective Zatsepin is following the trail, and flew off to school. Vika immediately jumped to her friend.

- Look what valentines I made! Beautiful, really ?! Where are yours?

When Olya pulled out a book from her backpack, Vika grimaced - she was already tired of Olya reading at every break.

-Yes, I’m not going to read now,- Olga laughed and showed her friend the treasures hidden in the book.

- Another thing! - Vika was delighted, and the girls ran to the school mailbox. Now the most exciting thing remained - to wait.

Mail came after the third lesson. Olya went over heart by heart ...

There was no valentine from Jura. The girl blinked quickly and quickly in order to drive away the tears, Vika was nearby popping something, but Olya could not hear her. She wanted to hide from everyone, and especially from this nasty Vorobyov. So that no one could see the treacherous tears, she grabbed Detective Zatsepin and opened it on the first page that appeared. Suddenly a leaf fell out of the book. Olya wiped her eyes and unfolded the paper that had not come from where.

Vika looked over her shoulder at her friend and frowned.

-What the hell is this ?!

- This is not bullshit, but a cipher! - answered Olga. If you read detective stories, you would understand.

Olya quickly guessed the cipher. It said, "Olya, let's go to the cinema?" Yura".

Olya conspiratorially looked at Yura, and then she took a blank sheet and wrote: Let's go!