You are probably actively using the Internet: looking for information, reading news, chatting on social networks. But how to behave so that the virtual world remains friendly and safe?

  1. Take care of personal information. When chatting, use a nickname. Do not send anyone your passwords, phone, address and photos - yours or your family. Some adults pretend to be children and, having received the information, can use it against you: they will do harm by pretending to be familiar with your parents, or decide to mock, or even rob the house!

  2. Don’t follow strange links - even from friends? Do not click on pop-up banners and ad units. Often this leads to infection of the computer with a virus that is difficult to get rid of, or to hacking an account.

  3. Use complex passwords consisting of combinations of letters and numbers. Do not leave your computer or smartphone with important data unattended.

  4. If you decide to meet in person with someone from online acquaintances, be sure to tell your parents and let them accompany you for the first time (even if you really want to look like adults!) Unfortunately, people on the network are sometimes not what they seem to be. And your parents will definitely be able to protect you. If everything is in order, then you will meet with a new friend more than once without them.

  5. Be on the lookout for many sites there are people who quietly rub into trust and invite you to join life-threatening organizations. Beware of those who, for some reason, call for breaking contacts with your current acquaintances. Depressive and strange ideas of the interlocutor should alert you.

  6. Allow to install "parental control" on the computer. This system will help mom and paw to know which sites you visit and block pages with aggressive or rude content (because you can’t immediately understand for yourself what’s wrong with the site), if you install such a protective system, your parents won’t be over soul when you're on the internet. Both you and them will become calmer!

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