You may not believe it, but the first surfers were ... kings and queens on the Hawaiian Islands! They rode on boards carved from solid mahogany. These boards were very long - more than five meters in length! Ordinary inhabitants of the islands were expected to be executed if they tried to encroach on the privilege of kings. Hawaiian kings and queens had their own priests. Standing on the shore, they shouted mysterious spells and in this way called out big waves. Competitions were held regularly. Hundreds of spectators gathered on the shore ‚and heated battles flared up.

In the nineteenth century, the Hawaiian princess Kaiulani was known as the most experienced surfer. The princess traveled extensively throughout Europe and demonstrated her skills. Others also wanted to learn how to cut waves on a board. So surfing has become an international sport. Usually they rode on a board lying down, but the young American George Frith was the first to fearlessly stand on the board and rush off to meet the waves. Frith worked as a lifeguard in California and saved the lives of seventy-eight people. Thanks to him, surfing became popular in America. Once Frith decided that long boards are not very comfortable - and made them short. He also guessed to attach special fins to the board. So managing it has become much easier.

Now the boards are made of lightweight materials, and you can perform the most incredible tricks on them: jump and even roll upside down!