- Hi!

Who am I what you think? Either a rat, or a hedgehog who forgot to put on a prickly fur coat, or don’t understand who at all. Bare tail, clawed legs, funny muzzle with a proboscis nose. You haven’t seen this before, right? In general, few have met me, because I am a Cuban cube-tooth. Very rare and very secretive beast.

I can hide so well from human eyes that I have long been considered an extinct animal. Here's a laugh! Although the places where you can meet me, just one or two - and miscalculated. I live only in the mountain forests of Latin America, on the island of Cuba.

There, in the wilderness, I spend the whole day hiding somewhere under the roots of large trees or in crevices of rocks. And at night I go out to hunt for insects and other small animals. Can you see how long and strong are the claws? Digging the ground with them is very easy. And they allow you to climb a tree. And to find something to profit from, a wonderful scent helps me. The eyes of the crawfish are tiny, we see poorly, but a long nose is the first assistant. And only in one case does such a nose interfere. To get drunk ‚one must lift him up strongly, scoop up water with his tongue, like a spoon.

By the way, I have not told you that I am poisonous? I have real poisonous teeth! Yes, do not be surprised, they are not only with snakes, but also with some animals. That's great rarity. By the way, our poison is dangerous for ourselves. If two clefts clash and bite each other, it can end very sadly. For people, our poison is not fatal, but a lot of troubles can cause so it’s better not to pull us by the tail!