Piglet stigma, donkey ears, thick rhinoceros skin, powerful clawed legs and tail, like a kangaroo. This is aardvark!

It’s rare to be fortunate enough to see aardvark. He is very cautious and secretive. The clumsy beast has to constantly hide, so as not to catch the eye of the predator. Only at night the aardvark emerges from a deep hole. And if danger catches him away from home, the African animal will quickly burrow into the ground.

The teeth of the aardvark are not real teeth, but “tubes” without enamel and roots. They are constantly growing.

Having buried a patch in the ground, the aardvark seeks ant paths. After all, ants and termites are his favorite food. Finding an anthill or termite, the aardvark mercilessly ruins it. Now you can have lunch. But how to catch nimble insects? And for this, the aardvark has a long sticky tongue.

In autumn, when the rainy season begins in Africa, cubs appear in the aardvarks. Hairless and pink, they look like little piglets. For two weeks they don’t even show their nose out of the hole. And when they grow up a little, mom will start taking them with them for walks. After six months, the kids will become very adults, dig their hole and begin an independent life.

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