Plump, with a huge beak and large paws, there is a dead end with a ridiculous gait. How funny he is! The British affectionately call him "fat man." And in Latin, its name translates as "Arctic brother." The dead end looks ridiculous and awkward, but this does not prevent him from flying well, diving and running fast on the ground. When diving, a dead end can remain under water for half a minute.

Puffins live on the coast of the North Atlantic. They settle high in the rocks. But not on sheer cornices, like their neighbors in the bird market - guillemots and loons, but at the very top. Where there is a layer of soft soil. After all, puffins dig holes where they hatch their only chick. In such a hole, the baby is not afraid of either strong winds or feathered predators.

A dead end eats and feeds the chicks with any small fish. And in order not to fly to the sea a hundred times a day, bringing one fish each, the dead end knows one tricky way. He grabs the caught prey by the head and firmly presses it with a rough tongue to the palate. The little body of the fish hangs outward, and a dead end dives after the next. Sometimes there are so many fish that around the beak at the impasse grow real - "mustache". A friendly pair of dead ends lives in the same hole all their lives.

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