Varya and the terrible villain


Do you know which bird is the smartest in the world? Who showed the owl? These are all storytellers! She just had terrible eyes and a stern voice, so they came up with a fright. And the parrots are also not in the first place. Screaming from morning till night about karamba and the fool's ass is not necessary much. And the smartest birds in the world are crows! If you know how to read, read - serious uncle scientists have figured this out. Well, or you can ask people who live in the same yard with the clever crow Varey at the address: the city, Shirokaya Street, a yellow house with balconies.

Just don’t ask Uncle Vasya’s janitor. He's kind of rude. He leaves in the morning in the yard and let's shout:

- Varka — infection, return my badge!

Well what is it? And where is “hello”, “please”, “be so kind”? Varya, by the way, won this badge in a fair fight.

And do not ask pensioner Zoe Sergeyevna either. Varya saved her from mortal danger - a whole kilogram of cherries! She suffered, suffered, but cleaned everything up (pecked so that the granny wouldn’t spoil her teeth against the bones. And this ungrateful woman now calls names.

- The criminal, says, - feathered!

What is the word pyrrr-natai? These people are generally very strange. Sometimes it even seems that stupid, worse than domestic hens. Nests do not howl, do not sit on trees and do not fly at all. Well, if only in ice and then not for long. Bags are carried in the wings. Although they still know that it’s more convenient in the beak. Stupid any.

Varya, of course, tried to somehow teach people the mind, but on Tuesday a terrible thing happened. In Varin yard settled human villain. That is, he used to live here on the second floor, but he didn’t show his villainous essence - he went around wearing glasses, an old one, probably twenty-five years old. And then he took and opened a gangster's den - on the windows there are blinds, the door is black, and above it there is an inscription and a picture. Varya could not read the inscription, so far she has learned only three letters - “K”, “A” and “Ry”. "Ry" in this inscription twice, but in the picture is a cat! In a cast! Horror!

And all the Varins, the people she cared so much for, took their animals to the villain right there. And Uncle Vasya his poodle is lame, and Zoya Sergeyevna his glutton cat. Vara is even scared to imagine what will happen to them now. Maybe a cat soup, or maybe a dog-fur coat!

“And it will get to me,” Varya realized and began to fight.

At first I decided to crush the villain morally. I sat down under the window and said so strictly to him:

- Kar! Car-car-car! Car-car! Kar!

The other would have been corrected right away, but this one just smiles and waves his hand. He had to say one more time, and more! She would have said it for the fourth time, but was hoarse and went on to decisive action - from all over with a beak, ka-a-ak crashed along the sign. I almost broke my beak while hollowing, and the signboard at least something, and the villain, instead of being scared, took and brought her a bowl of food!

- Lures, cunning! - Varya guessed and went on the assault.

With a bruised beak, hoarse but unbroken, burst inside. I grabbed the insidious bandit in a dressing gown and collapsed without strength directly into the villainous hands. Maybe no one will know about her feat, but at least she tried.

- Thank you, Karl Albertovich. Now we will eat strictly by the hour.

“Doctor, I don’t even know how to give thanks ... Tomorrow to the dressing room for two?”

Varya was lying, not opening her eyes, and could not understand what she heard now - doctor, diet, dressing?

“Well then, Barbara?” How are you feeling? - the villain bent over her. - No, no, don’t answer - the compress from the beak will fall. And throat is better to save. You will stay with me for a week, and then we'll see.

So much for the villain! It's good that the crows do not know how to blush. Well this is necessary! With Varin's mind, take the good animal doctor as the villain. Yes, and to break his robe. Now he will have to do it and take care of him with his own person, look after the clinic. People are so stupid, eyes and eyes behind them.

And please, no more Varek-infection. From this moment, in the veterinary clinic at the address: Shirokaya Street, a yellow house with balconies, Varvara Karpovna Voronina will happily meet you.

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