Important route


What not in the town of Mashinkino! For example, there are a lot of parks. Leisure parks with trees, flower beds and bike paths. Adults like to walk there and relax on benches. Amusement park with carousels and sweets. Children adore him! And there is another special park. On the outskirts. It has no trees, no swing-carousels, but there are rails and wires. Trams live there.

This morning, an extraordinary excitement reigned in the tram park. Everyone was worried - dad-tram, mom-tram, grandmothers and grandfathers of the tram, but Vanya was the most worried about the little tram. Because today was his first working day! His route - the path along which he must carry passengers, Vanya has long learned. But still he repeated it again and again. Just in case.

And the gates creaked, opening, Vanya rang the bell at parting and rolled into the city. In fact, it’s difficult to get off the tram route. Not only that, he must hold his horns for the wires along which electricity runs. So also ride on rails from which you can’t turn anywhere. Therefore, Vanya soon forgot about the excitement. And when he pulled up to the bus stop and put the first passengers on board, he was even a little messed up.

Still would! He doesn’t just ride like that. He takes people on serious matters, the old woman - to the clinic, mother and baby - to kindergarten, but that uncle with a large briefcase is probably for some urgent and responsible work. What would they do without him?

- Would be late! You would be late without me! - the tram hummed, approaching the next stop and hospitably opening the doors.

And then a strange thing happened - instead of taking the tram, passengers jumped into the bus that pulled up. Jumped in and left!

- Hey, where are you going? I'm here! - exclaimed Vanya and rushed after them. But at the nearest intersection, the bus turned left. But Vanya couldn’t. After all, on that street there were neither rails nor wires.

- Eh ... Good for the buses. They go where they want, - Vanya sighed and went further along his route. After a few stops, he reached the city center.

How many different vehicles were there! Multi-colored buses, brisk minibuses, cars ... And in all, passengers were hurrying somewhere!

Only nobody took the tram. Vanya wanted to return home to the park as soon as possible. He rode almost empty and felt completely unnecessary.

And suddenly Vanya noticed that he was driving alone on the whole street. And the cars are around and do not budge.

- What happened? - braking at the traffic lights, asked the tram at the big bus. This bus with a beautiful sports emblem on its side was jam-packed with hockey players. They frowned and glanced at the clock.

- Pr-r-timid! We’ve been standing for an hour, the bus muttered, without even glancing at Vanya. - If they are late for the match, they will lose.

- Maybe I'll give a ride? The stadium is on my way. If you don't mind ... - the tram shyly suggested.

- Vs? Haha Baby, first I'll shake your wheel!

The bus buzzed happily, and hockey players began to quickly change trains. They turned out to be tall, with long clubs and such large bags that Vanya was even scared - would he have enough space? But of course, there was enough space - after all, Vanya was a tram, and the trams are very spacious! Spacious than in buses, and even more so in fixed-route taxis.

Vanya was in a hurry with all his might, leaving behind the cars stuck in a traffic jam. There was no trace of sadness. Now the tram could not get enough of its rails. After all, they are always free!

The stadium was getting closer: four stops, three, two ...

- Caution, the doors are closing, the tram finally announced. - The next stop is the stadium!

Hockey players noisy crowd moved to the exit. They managed in time, even fifteen minutes left. The last to come out was the coach. He smiled through a thick mustache and waved to the tram:

- Thank you, Vanyusha. Bailed out the team!

Vanin route ended where it began - in the tram park. When he finally returned there, the park was quiet. Mom, dad and other relatives left on their routes. And the little tram was not going to linger. He will tell them about his adventures after the shift. And now it's time to go to a new circle!

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