Vera is looking for friends


Vera's little helicopter had no friends. It is very difficult to make friends when you live on a helipad, built on the outskirts of the city. No, Vera had some guests. Sometimes fashionable cars drove in and the old bus regularly brought tourists. Each time, Vera tried to start a conversation with them. But the city dudes only snorted in response, and the bus was only interested in his old suspension. In response to the cheerful Verina chattering, he only grunted in embarrassment and left, sneezing goodbye with exhaust fumes.

“Ah, how nice it would be to play with friends all day, and in the evening to sit side by side and admire Mashinkino!” - Vera dreamed. From its platform, both the city and the sea were visible, on the shore of which it was so comfortably located. And once Vera decided - she will fly to the city and find friends there! It cannot be that among the many cars there is no one who also likes to play and watch the sunset.

"Well, well!" - the helicopter propeller hummed cheerfully. Vera raced towards her dream and new friends. The first friend was found in the bushes - a small police car lurked there and would surely be glad to play hide and seek with a helicopter. Vera muffled the engine, quietly crept up to the typewriter and ...

- Tuki - Tuki! Found it! Found it! she cried joyfully, and was very surprised when the machine, with a frightened gasp, turned on the siren and sped off. Well, how could Vera know that she was not playing, but was conducting an investigation?

Vera looked around, puzzled. Nearby, a small horned tram rang a bell.

- With this I will definitely make friends! - Vera waved the screw, flew up to the tram and, shouting “Catch up with it!” ‚Rushed forward.

Imagine her chagrin when, instead of catching up, the tram turned to the beach and thundered further along the tram tracks. Vera also did not know that trams can only travel on rails.

- Well ... - she sighed, - again by.

And yet I decided to try one more time, the last one. But for the third time, nothing happened - a small pretty yellow car, which she chose as her friend, focused on the traffic light and did not look at Vera at all. Although she circled over him for a long time and distracted as she could. If Vera knew that today a little car is passing an exam according to the rules of the road, she would understand everything. But alas. and she didn’t know.

-иProbably I will never have friends, and I will always watch the sunset alone, - Vera thought sadly and was already turning to the house when she heard a signal for help. The signal came from somewhere in the sea. Without thinking for a second, she flew to the sound and a few minutes later found herself on the beach. There, all her failed friends had already gathered on the shore. They looked miserably at the red dot on the horizon.

- This is a girl from my yard ... - the little car whispered in fright.

- I brought her to the beach myself ... - the tram muttered.

- She takes her to the sea! For help! Anybody! - the police car honked.

- No panic! - Vera ordered.

In the end, even if it’s small, it’s a helicopter. And although it rides tourists all day, in fact - a real lifeguard. It took Vera a couple of minutes to reach a little girl floating on an air mattress in the open sea. And then it only remained to lower the rope ladder so that the girl could grab onto it and climb aboard. Without excessive modesty, we can say that Vera did it expertly!

A few minutes later, the rescued girl was taken ashore and transferred to the caring hands of her parents. And the helicopter was surrounded by admiring cars.

-I'm Polly,- said the police car. - And you are brave! Let's be friends?

- And with me! - Picked up a little car. - I'm Max. Today I passed the exam and now I can drive on roads without adults. Chasing the race?

- And I’m Vanya ... - the tram added confusedly. - My route goes almost to the helipad. Do you want me to accompany you? You probably worried?

- Guys! - Vera was completely at a loss for joy. Did she make friends?

She suddenly smiled and blurted out:

“Do you want to watch the sunset with me?”

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