Together forever


- Grandma, I invite you to the wedding! - said Alyonka and, as if nothing had happened, continued to chew a sandwich.

- What kind of wedding ?! grandmother grabbed her heart. Alenka only recently turned 10 years old, and it was too early to get married.

- Yes, my classmate and I decided to marry the cats,- the girl reassured the frightened old woman. - I have already shown our Lyusya a photograph of Grishin Barsik. She touched him with a folder and purred. So, I liked it!

- Ah, Alyonushka! In animals, everything is different. Rarely does one of them create couples for life. Here, I remember, in my childhood there were swans in our village - a boy and a girl. How they loved each other! They didn’t even look at the rest of the swans. At first they were swimming together, and then with swans. No wonder they say that swans are the most faithful birds

- Are there still animals that live together all their lives?

- Not much, but there is. For example, pigeons. They, like swans, choose a mate for life. They treat the family responsibly: responsibilities are divided in half. The dove collects material for the nest, and the dove beautifully stacks it and makes it cozy. Ravens, vultures and penguins live together all their lives.

But besides the birds?

- The most exemplary family people are wolves. The wolf will never leave his girlfriend in trouble. By the way, wolves in love care not only about each other. They divide prey primarily between cubs and elderly wolves, and take the rest to themselves. Dwarf antelopes with the ridiculous name Dikdik Kirk are also devoted to each other all their lives. True, when babies are born to an antelope mom, the antelope dad - unlike the wolf dad, who takes care of his children - does not pay any attention to newborns. His love and care is still reserved only for his mother. And gibbons, growing up, leave their pack and go in search of the second half. They can live alone for many years until they find someone they really like.

- Great! - said Alyonka. - But we will still arrange a wedding for Luske and Barsik. Suddenly they will become the first cats in the world to love each other for life?