The young witch was spinning in front of the mirror. She either gathered her long marsh-colored hair in a high hairstyle and decorated her with algae and dried cockroaches, or spread it over her shoulders. Everywhere - on the bed, on the chairs, on the floor - lay her best outfits of the most dirty and tattered rags, which she could only find.

- Midnight soon, and you're not ready yet!- said the witch-mother reproachfully, entering the room. Mom had a big nose with a brown wart, hair was decorated with a spider web with a huge spider in the center, and she was dressed in a long black dress with a train from a fishing net, in which seaweed and small fish got tangled.

-What do you think should be worn — from toads or from bats?- the witch asked.

- Of the toads, of course! What a question? This is your first Walpurgis Night! You should have all the worst. This is such an important event! Walpurgis Night has been celebrated since ancient times such that even I don’t remember them, although I’m already, as you know, almost a thousand years old. And every year on the night of April 30 to May 1, all witches and sorcerers flock to a big mountain and make a feast there. We have fun, dance, conjure. People that night are more afraid of us than usual and try to stay away from our mountains. They even burn bonfires around her, as if fire could scare us! But nothing will take away our main holiday. The current is that dress up better - today you have to get acquainted with all the main sorcerers and witches.

The witch put on her longest and most ragged dress, toad beads and adorned her hair with swamp mud. Together with their mother, they jumped onto the brooms and headed towards the mountain, from which frighteningly funny cries and songs were already heard.

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