Iron Knight Button


When Lenochka brought a brand-new robot from the store with bright rivets and a curl antenna on her head, the toys decided in unison:

- Yes, this is a real Iron Knight!

And although it was not a Knight at all, but a robot named Button, the toys still had no doubt: he was a real brave man and hero. Still would! The buttons of the sides sparkled so metallicly in the sun, the rivets held the steel armor so tight that there was no doubt: such an iron man could do any feats on the shoulder!

And only Button knew the truth. And the truth was that both the metallic luster and the steel rivets were fake. The robot was made of ordinary plastic. But how to admit it when everyone admires you? No way. The button was not recognized.

- Let's fight the dragon? - offered him the fox Fyr-Fyr.

- Boring ...” Button yawned widely. - I defeated these dragons a hundred times.

- Do you want to be our knight and protector?

- modestly asked dolls Katya and Sonya.

The button only threw up his hands:

- From whom is there to protect? Not a single monster for the entire nursery.

- Come with me to Africa! - called the Button hippo Bonya.

But the Button also had an answer:

- I can’t,” he declared importantly, - suddenly Lena will need my help, but am I in Africa?

Toys were not offended. On the contrary, they were very proud that they lived in the same room with such a brave hero. And they knew for sure: if a disaster suddenly happened, the Button would certainly help them out, And then one day ...

- Aboard! - Button heard distant screams.

Lenochka again forgot the Fox Fyr Fyr in the bathroom - and he arranged his favorite game there. In it, the fox became either a brave captain who defends his ship, or a bloodthirsty pirate who attacks this ship. Usually the fox of the hoo how flew for such games. After them, the whole bathroom was in splashes and smudges, and near Fyr-Fyr his tail got wet through. And then it had to be dried for a long time on a battery. But now, Helen and mom. dad and grandmother went to visit, so there was no one to punish the fox.

- He'll get wet after all,- thought Button and shuddered: from the bathroom he heard too loud “splash”.

And right after him, a startled scream:

- Tonu! Help!

- Fyr-Fyr is in trouble! - Katya and Sonya cried out in unison. Hurry up! For help!

And rushed to the bathroom. And then Bonn, the Giraffe and all-all-all. The button delayed only a second. He caught up with the rest at the very doorstep. Toys with horror looked at a deep bathtub, filled to the brim with water, and Fyr-Fyr floundering in it. The button climbed onto the washing machine without hesitation.

- Button! You can't! You will drown! You will rust! - shouted toys when he was upstairs. But Button just frowned back - now they recognize the truth and will no longer worry about him. Or maybe they will not be friends with him either. Who wants to be friends with a liar? He last looked at his friends, jumped into the water and ... swam. Everyone gasped in amazement. But the Button grabbed the sinking fox by the tail and with it moved to the edge. A wave, one more - and now he, along with Fyr-Fyr, sits on the washing machine and squeezes the tail of a woe-sailor.

- Button, you ...- Fir-Fyr began.

- Yes, I ... - Button did not let him finish. “I'm not iron.” I am the most ordinary plastic toy. I can swim. And I don’t know how to protect princesses and fight dragons. A real dragon would just melt.

- Button,- Fyr-Fyr’s eyes did not shine at all from the water. “You saved me!”

The button did not have time to answer, because at that moment the fox hugged him so tightly that even a super-iron knight could not say a word. The rest of the toys looked at them from below and clapped their hands.

When wet, but safe and sound, they returned to the nursery, put Fyr-Fyr on the battery and wiped the Button dry, Katya took his hand and said what everyone thought about:

- It doesn't matter what you're made of. - You are brave and kind. And you are a real knight. Let it be plastic. Our Iron Button!

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