What to do alone


All weekend to spend alone? Don't chat with a friend after a fight? Or do you have no friends at all? No problem! After all, the main thing is that you should be interested in spending time with yourself! Here are a few things you can do alone.




Invent and draw what animal the letters of the alphabet look like. Then you can repeat the experiment with numbers and any objects.


Get a separate sketchbook (notebook), in which there will be exclusively drawings of nature. Draw plants, birds, animals and natural phenomena - everything that you see during a walk or see from a window. You can have as many such sketchbooks for different topics!


With your eyes closed, nag on paper: make one big squiggle or many small ones. Then open your eyes and turn the squiggle into objects. You can draw everything that comes to mind, but you can choose one topic (for example: letters, animals, transport).


Take a few sheets of colored paper, tear them, doubt, scratch - in general, do whatever you want with the sheets! Then take the cardboard and glue the pieces to it. You will get an abstract volumetric collage.



Turn on rhythmic music - and dance! You can start to draw letters with your hands - you will see what unusual movements are obtained! Or try performing a dance on a specific topic: wind, bird, alien, tiger, worm, butterfly, pirate, ghost, tree in the forest, water, bear ... Continue the list!




Think of your character: what he looks like, what kind of character he has, what he loves, with whom he is friends and enemies with, what his abilities are, where he comes from. Now write a short story about him and illustrate it.


Redo the famous fairy tales in your own way. What other end can they have? Which characters are missing? But what if the main character has the opposite character? Here are just a few tales for example: Kolobok, Little Red Riding Hood, Geese-Swans, Three Little Pigs, Cinderella.


Write on a piece of paper 15 those that come to your head. It can be anything: the sea, a UFO, 100 years old, best friend, childhood ... Now fold them in one place and pull out without looking at one piece of paper. It remains to come up with a poem on this topic! You can write poetry every day, pulling a piece of paper. And when they end, either shuffle them again (then you have to come up with poems on the same topics that cool your imagination), or write down govy topics.




Gather bark, leaves, sticks, pebbles in the courtyard (make sure there are no insects on them). Take a sheet of cardboard at home and make a collage of these materials on it. Or independently figure out how to fix the findings.


Take the threads or ribbons, daddies from ice cream or twigs - and make a mobile. It can be from anything! You can attach to the threads of the planet (crumple and color sheets of paper), shells, paper curls. Ready mobile hang on the chandelier.


Make a warning sign for the door or indicate that this is your room. For example, draw a shaggy huge dog - so you show that you can enter only by knocking. Or draw your self-portrait and write a few words on how you’d better get in.



  1. Arrange a photo shoot for a book, toy, parents or even yourself!

  2. Write a story, starting from the first word that comes to your head or that you hear on the street or on TV.

  3. Draw non-existent animals.

  4. Arrange a theme photo day - take photos on only one topic.

  5. Imagine that you need to explain to an alien what love, faith, friendship, betrayal, hope, hatred and other feelings are. Explain them!