The evening of October 31 is a high time to gather your friends for a theme party!

Here are some simple tips to make your meeting memorable!

1. Arrange with your parents that you can host the party at home

2. Draw and distribute invitations to friends

3. It will be great if friends come in suits! Offer them this and warn them that there will be a vote for the best suit. At the end of the evening, present the statuette to the winner. The commemorative prize can be saved for next year's party and played again.


You can make a figurine in the shape of a "golden pumpkin": find a small pumpkin made of foam or wood in the store and paint it. Or make a papier-mâché pumpkin.

4. Decorate the room! Make Pumpkin Lanterns. You can also hang paper pumpkin garlands, arrange candles, draw a poster, and attach paper bats on strings to the chandelier.

5. Prepare treats! Don't forget about drinks. Tomato juice and red berry juice are ideal.

6. Think over a plan for the evening. This is important, otherwise guests may get bored!

And a few suggestions on how to entertain guests


  1. While everyone is getting together, offer your guests some Halloween treats. Consider each other's costumes and admire.

  2. Jack's Lantern. Tell your friends the story behind this traditional Halloween decoration and try to carve one Lantern together.

  3. Film screening. Choose all together a suitable Movie for the party.

  4. Voting for the best suit. Give your friends leaflets and pens, and let everyone choose the costume they like. Solemnly hand over the statuette to the winner.

  5. Horror stories and horror films! You didn't just get together, right? Look up scary stories in advance and ask your friends to do the same. Now, sitting on the floor in the glow of the candle lights, tell each other scary stories in turn. Just be careful not to get your friends mixed up too much.


Here are ideas for Halloween cartoons: Coco's Secret, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline in Nightmare Land, Paranorman or How to Tame Zombies, Monsters on Vacation.



Sociability (or sociability) is a skill that will make it easier for you to make new acquaintances and be the center of attention even in a large company. This useful skill can be developed - just like any other. How to pump it? Here are some exercises to help you become a lot more social!


New acquaintances

Set himself the task every day to get acquainted with a new man. These can be children from school, children from the yard, neighbors - but anyone! You will probably feel anxious and uncomfortable at first, and that's okay. But the more you get to know each other, the faster you will understand that this is not scary. This skill will come in handy in your adult life, so don't be afraid and take action!


Always with a smile

You must admit that it is much more pleasant to talk with a smiling person than with someone who has eaten a lemon. Therefore, watch your facial expression. Try to always have a slight benevolent smile on him. Do not smile unnaturally or too broadly, it will rather alienate the person. Sometimes an “inner” smile that comes from the heart is enough. This will already create a friendly atmosphere around you.


Before everyone

Communication skills can be improved by speaking in front of a large audience. It's not difficult - just raise your hand more often and answer in class, recite poems at the blackboard, speak at school holidays. You will learn how to confidently behave "in public" - and communication in companies will become the easiest thing for you.


Talk to yourself

Go to the mirror, look at yourself, choose any idea and start talking it over. Move smoothly from one thought to another and continue the story. This exercise will allow you to look at yourself from the outside during communication and will teach you to express yourself well. Over time, your speech will become more coherent and you will learn to tell interesting stories!


On his place

For good communication, it is very important to understand the emotions and intentions of the interlocutor. During a conversation, try to put yourself in his place and imagine what he is thinking about, what he feels, whether he is interested. This will make you more empathetic and it will be much easier for you to understand people.



Confidence always attracts, so work on your self-esteem. Write down the five main qualities that you possess and the five achievements that you are proud of. More is possible! But no less. So you will see that you have many strengths and begin to appreciate and respect yourself. People around you will feel this, and it will become even more pleasant for them to spend time with you.


More tips

  • Write down topics for future conversations.
  • Practice telling stories in front of your parents.
  • Be aware of everyone's hobbies. Watch or listen to what the whole school is talking about. Even if you don't like it, you can still share your opinion.
  • Memorize interesting facts about everything that surrounds you, and tell them on occasion.
  • Be in a good mood when making acquaintances!

What to do if bored


The thought of the upcoming classes causes anguish and there is absolutely no strength to learn? Perhaps you need additional motivation to make classes fun. It will not be possible to influence teachers and schools, so you have to solve this problem yourself!

  1. Boredom is a lack of interest. Remember what you like doing in your free time. Add these things to your life - for example, find time after class or during breaks. This will help to get out of gloom.

  2. Identify important for yourself subjects that are needed for entering a university or cause you maximum interest - and study them more deeply. Watch movies related to them, read additional literature, go to museums. Get information not for the exam, but for the knowledge itself!

  3. If necessary, start studying interesting subjects with a tutor or visit the sections.

  4. In other subjects your task is simply to get a normal mark. So do not go deep, behave quietly in the lesson, do not enrage the teacher and do your homework.

  5. Break large tasks into small ones and do them in parts, encouraging yourself for the successful completion of each stage. Sometimes it is the scope of the upcoming work that scares, that even hands fall. Moving in small steps, you can not give up!

  6. Participate in extracurricular activities such as a theater group, so that the school is not associated only with boredom.

  7. Look for like-minded people on your favorite hobbies. Communicating with them will support you and help you develop in important directions.

  8. If it is difficult to sit on lessons, think with your parents about an alternative. You can conclude an agreement with the school and go to home schooling or attend some of the subjects, and study the rest yourself and come to school to take exams. Explore this topic and potential opportunities. But the transition to this form of training will require you to work hard and concentrate at home!

I wish you to overcome boredom and enjoy life and knowledge!