Molly paced the school hallway imposingly. She was like a real high school student, skipping math class (in fact, Molly was kicked out of class for bad behavior, but she preferred to think she was skipping). Suddenly a sob was heard from the side of the closet. Molly carefully opened the door and saw her classmate Tonti Sinichkin. Tonty sat on the floor with his arms around his knees and sobbed.
- Sinichkin, you were kicked out too ... Are you skipping classes too? Molly asked. - And what are you whining? Are you afraid your parents will scold you?
“No-no,” Sinichkin whined more than ever. - Hoo-oo-already ...
- What?! Have your parents been summoned to the director? - scared Molly
- No-no ... I ... I ... fell in love! - said Sinichkin and blushed - I have been in love for a long time, but I just can't admit my feelings. Molly breathed a sigh of relief.
- Is this really such a problem! Come on, move over. Now I will tell you how to confess your love! Tonty explained this to me - after I threw a spider into his soup out of great love. Anyway, listen, - announced Molly and sat down next to Sinichkin.
- First, love must be confessed in a special place. To do this, you need to choose a beautiful and romantic place. For example, a snowy park, a river bank or a pastry shop! Molly smiled wistfully at the thought of the candy. - You invite her to the pastry shop and say: "Lucy, I love you!"
- How do you know about Lucy ?! - Sinichkin exclaimed and blushed even more.
“Everyone knows, calm down,” Molly waved her hand. - So here. You can also declare your love for the girl for the whole school - on the radio or in the wall newspaper. For those who are particularly shy, there are other ways. For example, you can perform a feat, say, defeat a dragon or wash all the floors in her apartment. And be sure to devote this feat to her! You can also compose poetry or a song ...
Although you only play drums? Well, then write a confession with crayons under her window or trample words of love in the snow. Just don’t forget to subscribe!
You can give her flowers with a postcard, write a confession in a postcard ... By the way! Valentine's Day is coming soon! There is nothing to think about. Send her a valentine, attach a chocolate bar, and that's it.
Then the bell rang from the lesson.
“It's time for us to go,” Sinichkin sighed. - Thanks for the advice. Only ... it's a secret. Don't tell anyone, okay?
- The grave! Molly promised and crossed her fingers.



You are probably actively using the Internet: looking for information, reading news, chatting on social networks. But how to behave so that the virtual world remains friendly and safe?

  1. Take care of personal information. When chatting, use a nickname. Do not send anyone your passwords, phone, address and photos - yours or your family. Some adults pretend to be children and, having received the information, can use it against you: they will do harm by pretending to be familiar with your parents, or decide to mock, or even rob the house!

  2. Don’t follow strange links - even from friends? Do not click on pop-up banners and ad units. Often this leads to infection of the computer with a virus that is difficult to get rid of, or to hacking an account.

  3. Use complex passwords consisting of combinations of letters and numbers. Do not leave your computer or smartphone with important data unattended.

  4. If you decide to meet in person with someone from online acquaintances, be sure to tell your parents and let them accompany you for the first time (even if you really want to look like adults!) Unfortunately, people on the network are sometimes not what they seem to be. And your parents will definitely be able to protect you. If everything is in order, then you will meet with a new friend more than once without them.

  5. Be on the lookout for many sites there are people who quietly rub into trust and invite you to join life-threatening organizations. Beware of those who, for some reason, call for breaking contacts with your current acquaintances. Depressive and strange ideas of the interlocutor should alert you.

  6. Allow to install "parental control" on the computer. This system will help mom and paw to know which sites you visit and block pages with aggressive or rude content (because you can’t immediately understand for yourself what’s wrong with the site), if you install such a protective system, your parents won’t be over soul when you're on the internet. Both you and them will become calmer!



General tips

  1. Determine what your online diary will be about. Make it easy - just think about what topic you are really interested in. For example, if you like cartoons, know many characters by their names and draw them all day long - start a blog about animation. Make lists of the best and worst cartoons, popular and little-known, domestic and foreign. Talk about different types of animation, voice actors, and finally try to create your own cartoon!

  2. Write down 5 possible topics.

  3. When the general theme of the blog is determined, think about how best to present the information: in the form of text, Photos

  4. or videos. Each Format has its own characteristics (read more about them). And if, for example, you are terribly afraid of the camera, don’t like talking and watching videos on YouTube, then video blogging will not suit you!

  5. This is perhaps the most difficult step for any beginner: make the first entry on your blog.

  6. Once you determine how much time it takes to create and publish one entry, start a diary. Plan your publication for at least 2 weeks in advance. Follow your traffic, try not to deviate from the plan.

  7. Make each new entry better than the previous. Do not forget about the design and quality of the material. Follow the news on the topic of your blog, read the special literature and see how other successful bloggers work. But do not repeat after them. Share your personal experience and express only your point of view!

  8. Communicate with your audience: ask her opinion, respond in the comments, create polls. Only respond to comments that are not offensive.


Text blog

  1. Make no mistakes in the text. Check it several times before putting it on the Internet.

  2. Come up with headlines that interest readers. Break text into paragraphs.

  3. Design your text with photos, videos, gifs, diagrams and infographics.

  4. Write texts on popular topics. To do this, follow the calendar, which marked all the holidays, and the latest news.

Now you have a general understanding of how to create your blog. I hope you succeed.

Instagram Blog

  1. Learn to build a composition and pose. Take a few frames so that you can always select the desired photo.

  2. Come up with a single style. Publish photos so that they fit together.

  3. Process Photos in special photo editors.

  4. Think of photo captions. And don't forget to set hashtags!


YouTube Blog

  1. Write a script for the video in advance.

  2. Pick or create an attractive Background. Record a daylight video.

  3. Work on a speech and keep an eye on your appearance.

  4. Learn how to edit your video so that it doesn’t look too long.

Now you have a general understanding of how to create your blog. I hope you succeed.