Children's stories



- How to do everything? - thought Petya. - And they asked so many lessons, and they show an interesting film on TV, and the next level of a computer game must be passed ... Now I would have had not one head, but three!

Suddenly a hissing came from behind him, and smoke came from somewhere. Petya was afraid that a fire had begun. But then he saw a huge three-headed monster and ... scared even more!

- Do you want to have three heads? - the monster growled!

- It seems to me that it will be easier,- muttered Petya,

- So you think I have a very easy life, Zmey Gorynycha?

- Do you want to be in my place? Before Petya could answer, he found himself in the Far Far Away kingdom. And instead of one head, he had three!

- Wow! - Petya was delighted and began to turn his heads in all directions. Suddenly he heard someone screaming:

- Aah! Dragon! Help! - several girls who have just walked calmly along the path scattered in different directions.

- What are they? - Petya was surprised. Next appeared again Zmey Gorynych.

-They decided that you were me.- And they are afraid of me, because I steal young girls. You see, it’s very boring for one, albeit with three heads! So I kidnap someone from time to time. To have someone to talk to.

- Aha! So I was looking for you! - the hero rushed directly to Petya. He was dressed in chain mail and was holding a huge sword.

- Oh, I forgot to warn you,- whispered Petya in Gorynych’s ear, -he is hunting for mine ... that is, your heads.- He dreams of chopping them off! - You know? - said Petya. - deal with your heads yourself. And bring me back! It’s very good for me with one head! I already have time to do everything. And Petya was at home again.

Here is such a story about the Zmey Gorynych.



The young witch was spinning in front of the mirror. She either gathered her long marsh-colored hair in a high hairstyle and decorated her with algae and dried cockroaches, or spread it over her shoulders. Everywhere - on the bed, on the chairs, on the floor - lay her best outfits of the most dirty and tattered rags, which she could only find.

- Midnight soon, and you're not ready yet!- said the witch-mother reproachfully, entering the room. Mom had a big nose with a brown wart, hair was decorated with a spider web with a huge spider in the center, and she was dressed in a long black dress with a train from a fishing net, in which seaweed and small fish got tangled.

-What do you think should be worn — from toads or from bats?- the witch asked.

- Of the toads, of course! What a question? This is your first Walpurgis Night! You should have all the worst. This is such an important event! Walpurgis Night has been celebrated since ancient times such that even I don’t remember them, although I’m already, as you know, almost a thousand years old. And every year on the night of April 30 to May 1, all witches and sorcerers flock to a big mountain and make a feast there. We have fun, dance, conjure. People that night are more afraid of us than usual and try to stay away from our mountains. They even burn bonfires around her, as if fire could scare us! But nothing will take away our main holiday. The current is that dress up better - today you have to get acquainted with all the main sorcerers and witches.

The witch put on her longest and most ragged dress, toad beads and adorned her hair with swamp mud. Together with their mother, they jumped onto the brooms and headed towards the mountain, from which frighteningly funny cries and songs were already heard.

Bring back what you took


Ivan Yurievich, the father of Roma and Genes, was a scientist - he studied the ancient settlements of people. And so he found out that caves with very unusual cave paintings were discovered in the mountains. No one has ever seen such images before! Of course, Ivan Yuryevich abandoned all affairs and began to prepare an expedition. There was a vacation at school at this time, so the boys asked Dad to take them with him. The locals discovered the mysterious caves after the avalanche - before that, the mountains reliably hid them from prying eyes. Scientists were surprised to consider strange, but well-preserved drawings. Usually, ancient people painted something from their lives, but one drawing did not lend itself to any explanation. It depicted a huge cyclops with its mouth wide open. The people in the picture were tiny. Some gave the giant offerings, while others knelt. Under the monster's feet was a mountain of bones, dead animals, and something else.

While the adults were studying the drawing, Gena and Roma went to explore the cave. Gene looked into one of the crevices, and then put his hand in there and pulled out a handful of white pebbles. These were very unusual pebbles - smooth and strangely curved, similar to unknown characters. Gene put them in his jacket pocket and said nothing to anyone. At night, Gena had a terrible dream. He saw the Cyclops giant take his dad and put it in his mouth. And then he looked at Gena with his only eye and said: “Bring back what you took!” Gene cried out and woke up.

The next day, a group of scientists gathered again in the mountains. But when they climbed the slope, the stone under Ivan Yuryevich’s foot went, and the scientist flew head over heels. During the fall, he hit his head and broke his leg. I had to urgently return to the parking lot and look for a doctor. That night, Gene again had a dream. Now the Cyclops giant grabbed his brother and put it in his disgusting mouth. Then he looked at Gena and growled, “Bring back what you took!” Gene woke up from his own scream and could no longer fall asleep.

The next day, the group went into the mountains without Ivan Yurievich. The boys were not taken with them and they went for a walk along the mountain river. The guys found a bottleneck near the river and decided to cross the stones to the other side. They had already reached the middle, when Roma slipped and fell. Water immediately caught the boy and dragged him along. Roma screamed desperately and clutched at slippery stones, and Gena rushed to the nearest houses for help.

They found Roma in an hour - fortunately, the river carried him to the sandbank. The boy was alive and almost healthy. Only very scared. And at night, Gene again dreamed of a cyclops. But this time the giant walked right at him. He angrily looked at the boy and roared: “Bring back what you took!” Then he lifted it with two fingers and brought it to his huge mouth ... Gena woke up in a cold sweat. Is it really because of those pebbles ?!

Early in the morning, the boy set off alone for the cave. The road to the mountain was difficult, but Gene almost ran - just to get rid of these stupid stones as soon as possible. He reached the cave, found a crevice in the wall, put the pebbles back and, going to the drawing, he said. “I returned what I took! Leave us alone, one-eyed monster! ” Then he breathed a sigh of relief and went back.

A smooth white pebble of an unusual shape rolled in the lining of Genin's jacket, which fell into a hole in his pocket ...