Children's stories



This story happened many, many centuries ago in one small city. Only a few families lived in this city, so it looked more like a village than a city. Of course, there was no army in that city, and no one could protect the inhabitants from enemies.

And then one day several of the oldest and wisest people decided to create a person who would guard their peace. From clay, they fashioned a huge giant and gave him the name Golem, which means “clay”. In the ancient book, the sages found spells to revive the Golem. In the dark night, taking torches with them, they gathered around the clay man and began to pronounce magic words. Gradually, the giant began to come to life. When the work was finished, the sages discovered that they forgot to cast one spell - one that would teach the Golem to speak. But, thinking, they decided that it’s even better. Why should he talk if he must defend the city from enemies? Every day, the inhabitants of the city gave the Golem different tasks. He was so huge and strong that he could do the hard work that a few people could not handle. But once a holiday happened, and people forgot to give the Golem a task. They did not know that the giant should not be left idle - in ancient books there was not a word about it. All day the Golem walked around the city and destroyed everything around. He broke houses, turned carts and attacked everyone he saw. No one could stop the raging giant. And only when the chief of the wise men who created it ordered the Golem to stop, did he stop crushing and froze, as if rooted to the spot. Since then, residents have never forgotten to give Golem many tasks. And he coped with them perfectly and defended the city from all enemies!



- How to do everything? - thought Petya. - And they asked so many lessons, and they show an interesting film on TV, and the next level of a computer game must be passed ... Now I would have had not one head, but three!

Suddenly a hissing came from behind him, and smoke came from somewhere. Petya was afraid that a fire had begun. But then he saw a huge three-headed monster and ... scared even more!

- Do you want to have three heads? - the monster growled!

- It seems to me that it will be easier,- muttered Petya,

- So you think I have a very easy life, Zmey Gorynycha?

- Do you want to be in my place? Before Petya could answer, he found himself in the Far Far Away kingdom. And instead of one head, he had three!

- Wow! - Petya was delighted and began to turn his heads in all directions. Suddenly he heard someone screaming:

- Aah! Dragon! Help! - several girls who have just walked calmly along the path scattered in different directions.

- What are they? - Petya was surprised. Next appeared again Zmey Gorynych.

-They decided that you were me.- And they are afraid of me, because I steal young girls. You see, it’s very boring for one, albeit with three heads! So I kidnap someone from time to time. To have someone to talk to.

- Aha! So I was looking for you! - the hero rushed directly to Petya. He was dressed in chain mail and was holding a huge sword.

- Oh, I forgot to warn you,- whispered Petya in Gorynych’s ear, -he is hunting for mine ... that is, your heads.- He dreams of chopping them off! - You know? - said Petya. - deal with your heads yourself. And bring me back! It’s very good for me with one head! I already have time to do everything. And Petya was at home again.

Here is such a story about the Zmey Gorynych.



The young witch was spinning in front of the mirror. She either gathered her long marsh-colored hair in a high hairstyle and decorated her with algae and dried cockroaches, or spread it over her shoulders. Everywhere - on the bed, on the chairs, on the floor - lay her best outfits of the most dirty and tattered rags, which she could only find.

- Midnight soon, and you're not ready yet!- said the witch-mother reproachfully, entering the room. Mom had a big nose with a brown wart, hair was decorated with a spider web with a huge spider in the center, and she was dressed in a long black dress with a train from a fishing net, in which seaweed and small fish got tangled.

-What do you think should be worn — from toads or from bats?- the witch asked.

- Of the toads, of course! What a question? This is your first Walpurgis Night! You should have all the worst. This is such an important event! Walpurgis Night has been celebrated since ancient times such that even I don’t remember them, although I’m already, as you know, almost a thousand years old. And every year on the night of April 30 to May 1, all witches and sorcerers flock to a big mountain and make a feast there. We have fun, dance, conjure. People that night are more afraid of us than usual and try to stay away from our mountains. They even burn bonfires around her, as if fire could scare us! But nothing will take away our main holiday. The current is that dress up better - today you have to get acquainted with all the main sorcerers and witches.

The witch put on her longest and most ragged dress, toad beads and adorned her hair with swamp mud. Together with their mother, they jumped onto the brooms and headed towards the mountain, from which frighteningly funny cries and songs were already heard.