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"Strategies" is a special genre of online games that will suit lovers to think carefully. Are you a tactician, strategist, adore tower defense, or all at once? The meaning of strategic games is to protect your castle, manage your own army, conquer new cities and lands. In these games you will control not just one hero, but immediately many soldiers, soldiers or workers. Each of the strategies is interesting in its own way and has its own meaning. If you love Tower Defense, try games like Ancient Planet or Kingdom Defense. Or do you prefer games of a common strategic theme? Then try the Goodgame Empire, where you can build your own empire and conquer everyone. In the games section of the "Strategy" you can also find games with the change of centuries and civilizations. In such games you can go a whole development path, from the Stone Age to the latest technologies, machines and robots. Want to play with other players? No problem, because some of the strategies are multiplayer online games! Playing Strategy is the best way to spend a weekend or even a whole week. You'll like it!