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Games "Racing" will take you to the world of high speeds, where you can drive on various types of transport, and most importantly - on the coolest cars. Everyone plays the race because it's really cool and interesting. Want to compete with the very best riders? Then quickly start playing, start your powerful engine and gas pedal to the floor! Our site contains all the latest racing games with good and beautiful graphics that will make your game as close to reality as possible. You can compete in races with the best known racers. You can also choose the race of your choice, even if it will be round-robin competitions, straight races or death races. In each game you will find a huge selection of different cars, various improvements and the best auto tuning. There are games for those who love drifting, in which you will show your skills on specially designed tracks. If you want to drive jeeps, choose one of the suitable games and get behind the wheel of a real jeep and show your class by participating in various racing competitions. For fans of survival racing, we have some very cool games in which you can test the strength of your car and try to destroy your opponents. Choose a race to your liking and start the game. Good luck!