Ancient Rome


Molly lived for the second month with her grandmother Elizabeth Tigrovna. Being a real grandmother, Elizabeth Tigrovna intensively took care of Molly and cooked borsch for lunch every day.

Molly sadly drove a spoon on a plate and looked at the small red whirlpools. Of them, like the wreckage of a dead ship, potato slices emerged “I urgently need a variety in food and communication!” - finally decided Molly. At night, she made her way to the time machine and ordered: "Forward to Ancient Rome"

... Molly looked around. She stood in the courtyard of a large house. In the center was a small pool, a fountain beat out of it. The house had many doors. Suddenly, one opened wide and a beautiful girl with a high hairstyle came out of her.

- Holy Juno! - She threw up her hands. - Already 5 in the morning, and you just got up. Even my husband has already gone on business! Somehow you look strange. Apparently, you were brought from a very distant corner of the empire. Here is bread and honey for you - have a quick breakfast and go to the market. We will have guests tonight!

- She probably decided that I was a new servant,- Molly grunted and went out into the bright sun. The first one she met along the way was a street food merchant. He roasted minced meat and wrapped it in tortillas.

- O! Hamburger! - Molly was delighted.

The merchant also offered her octopuses, olives and a salty fish. After eating, Molly went on.

- Wow! Multi-story houses! - startled Molly. A wooden six-story house stood right in front of her.

- What froze? The townspeople live there, said the uncle with a big belly. - A bonfire is made right on the floor. Fires often happen!

- And where can you buy products here? Asked Molly.

- Go to the forum, there is a large market next to the column of Trajan.

It was not just a market, but a real multi-storey supermarket. At the entrance lay bags of flour. Olive oil, wine, vegetables and fruits were sold on the upper floors. On the fourth floor there are spices. And at the very top, Molly saw two pools - one with fresh water, the other with sea. There were fish swimming. Molly bought everything on her list and returned to the big house. Dinner was in full swing. But no one was sitting at the table. All guests were lying on couches, trimmed with gold and silver. Actors in funny masks played a performance in front of them. And everyone with appetite ate something from the big plates.

- That would be a try! - licked Molly. Then an unfamiliar curly boy grabbed her hand.

- Let's go to the kitchen! We’ll finish the rest! He suggested.

Molly peered into the cauldron. There, no doubt, gurgled borscht!

- What are you watching,- said the boy, - this is an incredibly popular dish with us.

One could say the pride of an empire. Well done!

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