General tips

  1. Determine what your online diary will be about. Make it easy - just think about what topic you are really interested in. For example, if you like cartoons, know many characters by their names and draw them all day long - start a blog about animation. Make lists of the best and worst cartoons, popular and little-known, domestic and foreign. Talk about different types of animation, voice actors, and finally try to create your own cartoon!

  2. Write down 5 possible topics.

  3. When the general theme of the blog is determined, think about how best to present the information: in the form of text, Photos

  4. or videos. Each Format has its own characteristics (read more about them). And if, for example, you are terribly afraid of the camera, don’t like talking and watching videos on YouTube, then video blogging will not suit you!

  5. This is perhaps the most difficult step for any beginner: make the first entry on your blog.

  6. Once you determine how much time it takes to create and publish one entry, start a diary. Plan your publication for at least 2 weeks in advance. Follow your traffic, try not to deviate from the plan.

  7. Make each new entry better than the previous. Do not forget about the design and quality of the material. Follow the news on the topic of your blog, read the special literature and see how other successful bloggers work. But do not repeat after them. Share your personal experience and express only your point of view!

  8. Communicate with your audience: ask her opinion, respond in the comments, create polls. Only respond to comments that are not offensive.


Text blog

  1. Make no mistakes in the text. Check it several times before putting it on the Internet.

  2. Come up with headlines that interest readers. Break text into paragraphs.

  3. Design your text with photos, videos, gifs, diagrams and infographics.

  4. Write texts on popular topics. To do this, follow the calendar, which marked all the holidays, and the latest news.

Now you have a general understanding of how to create your blog. I hope you succeed.

Instagram Blog

  1. Learn to build a composition and pose. Take a few frames so that you can always select the desired photo.

  2. Come up with a single style. Publish photos so that they fit together.

  3. Process Photos in special photo editors.

  4. Think of photo captions. And don't forget to set hashtags!


YouTube Blog

  1. Write a script for the video in advance.

  2. Pick or create an attractive Background. Record a daylight video.

  3. Work on a speech and keep an eye on your appearance.

  4. Learn how to edit your video so that it doesn’t look too long.

Now you have a general understanding of how to create your blog. I hope you succeed.