Once Jane decided to write a detective story. She pulled out her favorite typewriter and set it on the table. Of course, Jane had a computer, but she loved to write stories behind an old typewriter. And here her fingers pounded on the keys ...

“Mr. Brown was in his office. He was no longer young and recently felt unwell. Brown took a blank sheet and wrote: "Testament." At that time there was a knock on the door, and a maid entered the office ... "

"Dzzzz!" - the bell rang. Jane jumped up in her chair from surprise. She went to the door, opened and blurred in a smile. On the threshold stood a neighbor with the cutest kitten in her hands. She had to urgently leave for a few days, but not leave the baby alone ?! Of course, Jane happily agreed to shelter the kitten, and he went to study the writer's apartment. Jane poured milk in his saucer and sat down again at the typewriter.

“... A maid entered the office and asked Mr. Brown if he needed anything. He nodded and asked for tea. The maid came out, and Brown returned to the will: “To my children, Austin and Olivia, I will bequeath this house. I leave all my fortune to the children's hospital. "My children received a good education, they can earn as much as they want. Children's hospital will need my money."

Brown put an point, and at that time a maid entered the office. She wanted to put the cup on the table, but she suddenly noticed a will. Her hand trembled and tea spilled onto the papers.

- Oh, sorry! She began to make excuses. “You know how I feel about you, and this will, it scared me!” Are you okay?

“It's okay, Polly, don't worry,” Brown reassured her.

The will can be rewritten. But perhaps I will do it tomorrow.

He crumpled a testament filled with tea, threw it in the trash and left the office. "

Jane reached out and got up from the table: “I should have some tea too,” she said to herself and went to the kitchen. But when she returned and began to re-read what was written, she saw this:

"... threw into the trash lonopvdsdyasr nnvlashch oyarapt 1188aos".

Jane flinched! The cup tipped and tea spilled directly onto the text With trembling hands, she pulled out the damaged sheet from the typewriter and thought. She heard many times from other story writers about how their writing came true. But just like that, right away? Can not be! “Probably the machine chudit,” Jane decided. “She is already old, you never know.” And then she gathered her thoughts and continued to write.

“The next morning, Polly found Mr. Brown in her room unconscious. She called an ambulance, and he was taken to the hospital.

But a few hours later the police arrived at the house - it turned out that poison was found in Mr. Brown’s blood! Upon learning of the will, the detective immediately went to his office. He checked every piece of paper in the trash, but there was no will.

“That's right,” said the detective thoughtfully. “So someone took the will from the basket and was unsatisfied with how Brown wanted to dispose of his condition ... He did not wait for him to write a new will, and decided to poison Mr. Brown!”

Jane stopped. “It's time to eat. I’ll order pizza! ” She thought and left the room to call the nearest pizzeria. And when she returned ... she saw that the sheets that she doused with tea had disappeared.

Jane turned pale and sat down heavily on a chair. How can this be ?! She looked under the table, picked up the typewriter, went around the room — there were no sheets anywhere. Jane became ill. For several minutes she sat motionless and came to herself only when the doorbell rang: "Dzzzz!" It was a pizza delivery man.

With trembling hands, Jane brought the box to the kitchen. For a while she watched but cooling pizza, and then resolutely closed the box and carried it to the garbage chute. You never know what else can come true ... Better not to take risks.

What do you think really happened at Jane’s house?

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