How to get acquainted


Molly was hiding in a tree. Tonti was ill, and she decided to make new friends. Molly held a telescope in her hands and watched a handsome boy walk along the path.

- Lie down! Screamed Molly. From surprise, the boy flopped to the ground

- Joke,- Molly burst out laughing and crawled out of her hiding place. -What's your name?

- Boris,- the boy answered, even more bewildered.

- Boris Barberry, lord of fat rats.- Will you be friends with me?

- I won’t even think about it! - the boy shook himself off and hurried on.

Molly also saw the next boy from afar.

- Who has a checkered shirt - that looks like a stool! she sang in a nasty voice.

The boy pretended not to hear anything, and walked past a tree.

- Nothing! I will find friends! You won’t get anywhere from me, darlings! - encouraging herself in this way, Molly continued to spin the wheels of the spy

Pipes. Not far from the playground, the guys played hills. Molly decided this was a great chance.

- Hey, small fry! Listen to me! Now we will play according to my rules. I will turn my back and count to ten. And then I will catch you. Do you get it? One two Three…

When she turned, the landing was empty. Then Molly decided to become generous. She came home, ate all the chocolates, and Fantiki folded as if there were still sweets inside.

- Come on, fly on! - Molly began to distribute refreshments in the yard. But still no one wanted to be friends with her. And some kids even burst into tears.

With nothing to do, Molly went to Tonti.

- Tell me, why are you friends with me?

- Because you're unusual, funny, and remember to visit me when I'm sick,- Tonti smiled. -Do you want raspberry jam?

So embarrassed Molly was never in my life. And she decided to certainly reeducate.