Kinkajou - Flower bear


In the distant warm countries there lives a sweet tooth who loves honey even more than Winnie the Pooh. For this, the local Indians called him kinkaju, which means "honey bear." However, this animal is not a teddy bear at all, not a monkey, or even a lemur. His closest relative is a raccoon!

Kinkaju arranges his house on a tree in a secluded hollow. In the afternoon, he sleeps sweetly, covering his eyes with his front legs and covering his tail like a blanket. And at night he goes in search of yummy. Here, too, helps the tail. He is very tenacious with kinkajou. On the tail you can swing well and jump far, far ... Well, or hang on a branch when the paws are busy eating. Sharp claws help the animal to get to the nest of bees, a long tongue cleverly extracts honey from the hives, and a thick coat protects from bites of angry bees. In Mexico, a honey bear often lives among people as a pet. True, he recognizes only one owner - the one who feeds sweets more often.