It was in London. The Royal Postmaster Mr. Roland Hill was walking along the street and saw the postman handing a letter to the maid.

- Oh! For shipping you need to pay a whole shilling! - lamented the maid. “I cannot afford that!”

- I'll pay a shilling for you,- the generous Rolond came to the rescue.

- Don’t, dear mister! - answered the maid. It is enough for me to look at the envelope to understand what they wanted to tell me.” My beloved and I agreed to draw special badges. So no need to pay for shipping. He looked at the envelope and returned it back to the postman.

"Wow!" Mr. Roland scratched his head and thought hard. He soon secured a new postal law. Now the delivery of the letter cost only 1 penny - it was 12 times less than a shilling! And the one who wanted to send a letter paid for delivery. To do this, you had to buy and stick on a special envelope a receipt on which the English queen was depicted and the value was written. This was the first brand in the world. Her birthday is May 1, 1840. English merchants, who often had to use mail, even erected a monument to Mr. Roland Hill.

Following England, stamps appeared in Switzerland and Germany. Over time, they became very beautiful, and the children began to collect multi-colored paper squares. In the end, adults were carried away by this.

Now those very first brands with the English queen are called “black pennies”. There are only a few pieces left, and they cost millions of dollars!