Mummies, ghosts, zombies - you probably know these monsters from movies and cartoons. But our ancestors had never heard of such! They believed in other mystical creatures, many of whom are certainly more terrible than harmless ghosts!



This little "man" is the guard of the house. He keeps order, protects the house from evil spirits and does not like very much when quarrels or dirt in the house. For this, the brownie can punish: hide the necessary things, break dishes and even pinch a person. Usually the brownie loves cats and horses, but if he suddenly doesn't like one of them, he can torture him.

Our ancestors fed the brownie as a sign of respect: they put a bowl of milk, treated them to cookies and often asked him for help, the spirit of the house is usually invisible. But if he feels an impending disaster, he can lie down in front of people and warn of danger.



The vodyanoy has many assistants, but the most famous of them are mermaids, or mavki,
as Ukrainians call them. Drowned girls become mermaids. They usually show up on moonlit nights, singing and playing with each other. But their songs are very dangerous for the late traveler: having heard a beautiful voice, the guys come close to the water, where they are dragged by the mermaids.

Unlike European fairy tales, in our myths, mermaids do not have fish tails and outwardly, they are no different from ordinary girls.



Our ancestors were very afraid of the vodyanoy. This spirit in the form of an old man in dirty clothes protects rivers and lakes, and lives in deep pools where onlookers are often drowned. The merman knows how to send a storm and scare away fish. For the sake of a successful catch, fishermen always gave him their first catch. And also - they tried to appease the water spirit by singing and dancing by the water, so that fishing was successful and no one did not drown.



There are two kinds of kikimor: domestic and marsh. The first one comes into the house as an uninvited guest and begins to interfere with people in every possible way. Usually this spirit is very grumpy and unfriendly, it can spoil and hide things, confuse threads, make noise at night. Occasionally the kikimora becomes kind, and then peace comes to the house. If the brownie is the master of the house, then the kikimora is the spirit that everyone would like to get rid of as soon as possible.

The water kikimora lives in swamps, runs fast and knows how to speak human language. It's better not to date her. She can lure into the very swamp and never let out of there.