Usually we celebrate New Year with the family. And to strengthen family ties is best with the help of traditions that will make the expectation of the holiday magical. Winter is great for this!

1. Walks in the open air. Invite your parents to ice skate. Arrange real ice races, then treat yourself to hot chocolate and marvel at the colorful lights. Also go skiing or take a walk in the snowy forest. Make a snowman or build an ice fortress. The main thing is to be together and have fun.

2. Joint viewing of New Year's films. You don't have to go to the cinema, you can have a great time at home: stock up on popcorn, wrap yourself in blankets and enjoy your favorite picture.

3. Team games. Why not invite your parents to play pantomime? Or host an evening of Board Games?

4. Turn on fiery music and decorate the tree together! And every year you can buy or make at least one toy with your own hands. Over time, you will get an impressive collection filled with warm memories.

5. Cook together something you rarely cook or something associated with the New Year, such as gingerbread cookies. By the way, when preparing for New Year's Eve, you can also cook together.

6. Send Christmas cards to family or friends. Write kind words by hand and don't forget the stamps! This is a very fun process.

7. Play Secret Santa in the family circle: write each participant's name on a piece of paper and put it in a hat, then pull in turns. Now think of a present for the one whose name you got on a piece of paper!

This is just a small part of the traditions that will bring you closer to your family before New Year.