Molly, limping, entered the room.

- What happened to you? Tonti jumped to her.

- I hurt my leg,-  Molly complained. - Do you know everything, tell me how you can treat it?

- Put a plantain, it always helps from wounds.

- Plantain hasn't grown yet,- Molly sighed.

- Do you know that in ancient times, soldiers were treated with silver?

- Silver? Like this?

- They put silver plates on the battle wounds - and everything quickly healed.

- Wow! And I thought that only coins and jewelry are made of silver!

- What are you! Silver is a very useful metal! For example, it is used to purify water. It perfectly destroys harmful bacteria. The astronauts in flight drink only "silver" water. And in Russia, silver coins were thrown into the well so that the water was clean and tasty. Particles of silver are in some mirrors. In order to take a photo, you also need silver! Yes there! In his honor, even a whole country was named - Argentina!

- You're talking nonsense, Tonti! - The word silver and Argentina are completely different from each other!

- And here they are! The Latin name for silver is argentum, which means white, radiant. True, the largest silver reserves are not at all in Argentina, but in Mexico and Peru,

- And how is it mined?

- Previously, silver was found in the form of nuggets, large silver ingots, but now it is necessary to melt it from ores and clean it of other metals. The largest silver nugget was found in Chile and weighed one and a half tons. Two big horses weigh the same amount! How, by the way, is your leg? Does not hurt?

- Nope. Almost healed! But if I applied silver, I would heal even faster, right?

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