- Molly, what do you think, which birds fly the fastest in the world?- Tonti asked, leafing through a book about animals.

-It seems to me like ravens,- Molly answered thoughtfully. She was just watching how in the courtyard two arrogant crows teased a fat neighbor's cat.

- What does the crows have to do with it? Tonti shrugged. - Falcons! They have a very large family: gyrfalcon, balaban, cheglok, kestrel - there are more than thirty species in all.

And the fastest of all the falcons is the peregrine falcon. On earth, the same speed as he can develop unless a racing car.

When hunting, the falcon on the fly knocks down prey, which can be several times larger than it. For example, a goose or a black grouse. This feature has long been noticed by people. They came up with taming falcons and hunting with them. The very first hunting falcons appeared 5 thousand years ago in the Arab countries. Only nobles were allowed to keep them, and a well-trained falcon could cost a fortune. In Russia, they also loved falconry. At the royal court there was even a special position - a falconer.

On the hunt, the bird is released. But the falcon always comes back. After all, he is very attached to a person and considers him his friend, but they don’t leave friends.

Today, falcons have another important job: patrolling airports. Falcon special forces disperse small birds in the sky above the runway - after all, they can accidentally get into the engine of an airplane. To prevent an accident, keen feathered guards are always on duty.

- Well, you were silent before! - angry Molly. - Now, before each launch of my starship, we will release falcons. So it’s more reliable! And she threatened the ravens with her fist.

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