In this charming and well-known section called "Dress Up" you will visit the world of fashion and glamor, learn how to properly combine and combine different outfits, and also learn how to choose an outfit for various activities and holidays. In our games you can take part both in incredible and chic balls, for which you yourself will choose the most luxurious dresses, and in various interesting and fun walks. You will see and get acquainted with costumes from different countries. All dress up and outfit games will appeal to every fashionista. After all, the most important thing is that you can choose incredible outfits not only for dolls, girls, but also for famous actresses and singers! Help them choose stunning outfits for various events, go out and create unique and fabulous looks. If you have long dreamed of becoming a stylist, then here you will learn a lot, how fun and interesting it is and how to dictate your trends to the huge and mesmerizing world of fashion. The games feature a large selection of outfits and accessories, hairstyles and makeup. With the help of the game, you will clearly understand how, thanks to just one detail, for example, a necklace, you can radically change the whole image of a girl or make it more complete and harmonious. Here, playing Dress Up games, you will have a great time and learn good fashion!