Welcome to the fabulous world of Zuma! This section of the games contains the most vivid, interesting and exciting games. Zuma - this is a classic game aimed but to train logical thinking, observation, speed up the reaction and just entertain. Already from the first levels, this game captures and does not let players go for a long time. The essence of the game is that you need to destroy all the colored balls that romp through the maze. In the center of the playing field is a stone frog. It was she who became the face and main emblem of the Zuma games. The frog can shoot the same balls as in the maze. To destroy the balls you need to shoot at them and collect them into groups of three or more. But most importantly - they must be the same color. Then the balls burst and disappear, which significantly increases the chances of winning. At the end of the maze there is a skull, which immediately eats balls that appear at its mouth. The main objective of the game is to prevent this and destroy all the balls before they are near the enemy. In our section of Zuma games you can find games for every taste and with a wide variety of heroes. Be with us!

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