On a beautiful spring evening, two farmers, young and old, sat on a bench and shared the latest news.

- You heard? - said the young farmer. “Our neighbor has lost six chickens and two sheep over the past week!” And no trace! No one knows where they went and where to look for them!

- Yes, a strange thing. Maybe the chupacabra again went to the village?

- Chupacabra? Who is this?

-There was a time,” the elderly farmer began his story, when the locals often met her in their gardens. They said that she looked like a huge dog, or a kangaroo. And she knows how to walk on both two and four dads, and her eyes glow in the dark brighter than any Lanterns.

But no one had time to make out her well. She came at night and always managed to hide in time. Sometimes she attacked even whole herds!

-And where did this chupacabra come from?

- Nobody knows. Someone calls her an alien from another planet, someone says she escaped from a secret military base where a new species of animal was being bred. Chupacabra is very cunning and resourceful. One farmer, to protect his sheep, locked the barn door with an iron bolt. So the chupacabra is not noticeable, without any noise, removed the deadbolt and dragged four sheep.

She first appeared in Puerto Rico, but then very quickly and quietly began to move around the world, now and then appearing in different cities and villages.

- Now I will not take my eyes off my animals! - Strongly declared the young farmer. - Oh, while we are the one: chatting with you, it's already dark! The farmers went home and did not see how in the bushes someone's eyes flashed ...

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