Party for lovers of horror stories


The evening of October 31 is a high time to gather your friends for a theme party!

Here are some simple tips to make your meeting memorable!

1. Arrange with your parents that you can host the party at home

2. Draw and distribute invitations to friends

3. It will be great if friends come in suits! Offer them this and warn them that there will be a vote for the best suit. At the end of the evening, present the statuette to the winner. The commemorative prize can be saved for next year's party and played again.


You can make a figurine in the shape of a "golden pumpkin": find a small pumpkin made of foam or wood in the store and paint it. Or make a papier-mâché pumpkin.

4. Decorate the room! Make Pumpkin Lanterns. You can also hang paper pumpkin garlands, arrange candles, draw a poster, and attach paper bats on strings to the chandelier.

5. Prepare treats! Don't forget about drinks. Tomato juice and red berry juice are ideal.

6. Think over a plan for the evening. This is important, otherwise guests may get bored!

And a few suggestions on how to entertain guests


  1. While everyone is getting together, offer your guests some Halloween treats. Consider each other's costumes and admire.

  2. Jack's Lantern. Tell your friends the story behind this traditional Halloween decoration and try to carve one Lantern together.

  3. Film screening. Choose all together a suitable Movie for the party.

  4. Voting for the best suit. Give your friends leaflets and pens, and let everyone choose the costume they like. Solemnly hand over the statuette to the winner.

  5. Horror stories and horror films! You didn't just get together, right? Look up scary stories in advance and ask your friends to do the same. Now, sitting on the floor in the glow of the candle lights, tell each other scary stories in turn. Just be careful not to get your friends mixed up too much.


Here are ideas for Halloween cartoons: Coco's Secret, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline in Nightmare Land, Paranorman or How to Tame Zombies, Monsters on Vacation.

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