Jumping spider


- Imagine Molly ‚a spider that jumps, crawls on glass and looks like an alien monster from horror films ... Scary?

- Still would! - Molly cringed.

- And if it is a monster - the size of a penny coin?

- Well, if with a coin, then okay. And what, do such spiders really happen?

- Yeah. They are called horse spiders and jump half a meter. This is a real record in the spider world. After all, the jumper "flies" a distance sixty times greater than himself.

- Well, why does he need this?

- And he hunts like that!

- Why doesn't he make a web? - grunted Molly. - He would sit like other spiders, and calmly wait for all kinds of flies.

“Horse spiders don't set up hunting nets at all.” They only need a web in order to grow spiders. Well, for safety when jumping - like aerial gymnasts. Before the jump, the spider attaches a thin thread-cobweb where it is going to jump. But in order to land exactly, he needs something else.

- And what?

- Very sharp sight! Therefore, the spider-horse has two large eyes in front, and the rest.

- The rest ?! How many are there?

- Only eight. Even on the sides and almost on the back of the head, Therefore, the steed can notice the prey, even if it is behind him! And also our little hunter really knows how to climb up the glass. The smallest hairs on the legs help him to stay not only on a regular wall, but even on such a smooth surface.

- Wow! Not a spider, but a real "superman"!

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