Once in the main workshop of a huge and very secret plant, a new rocket appeared with the strange name Prototype

Strongman Proton, lifting heavy satellites into space, began to show the newcomer the plant.

- As we, rockets, were born, you probably already know ...

- Aha! At first, in ancient China, flying tubes with gunpowder were invented: for salutes and to scare enemies. Well, the modern large missiles were invented by the brilliant Russian scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky.

- Exactly! Thanks to his bold imagination, we flew into space! Here, by the way, is the most famous space rocket. - Proton pointed forward

- Nice to meet you, I'm East!

On the same rocket, Yuri Gagarin was the first to see the Earth from space!

And my grandchildren - they are called their Unions - are still delivering astronauts into orbit. Then a bass was heard from the corner:

- Well, they call me Voivod. “I am the most powerful military missile in the world, by the way,” Voevoda added in a whisper, “with a nuclear charge. While my friends are on alert, no one mother Russia dare threaten!

The prototype looked respectfully at the Voivode and timidly said:

- For the time being, I am helping our scientists study the atmosphere.” But they promise that I will grow up soon, become big, big, and the first to fly to the farthest stars! I wonder what rockets live there?

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