Once Molly invited Tonti to visit to drink tea and chat, She put a vase of cookies on the table and went to the kitchen to make tea. But when she returned to the living room, she saw that the cookies were scattered all over the table, Molly frowned and looked around - nobody! And suddenly, crumbs crumbled from above, Looking up, she saw a sparrow with cookies in its beak on the chandelier.

- So that*s who is carrying my cookies! - Molly grinned. - Wait, I*ll let you out now.

It opened the door and literally ran into Tonti, who was just about to ring. While friends greeted, the sparrow calmly landed on the table and began to peck cookies.

- O! I see that I’m not your only guest, - Tonti smiled.

Moli frowned again - she had not expected such a sparrow of impudence in her own house.

- Don't be angry,- Tonti said softly, -it's just a little hungry bird.
Hearing these words, the sparrow stopped pecking cookies and displeased chirped.

- How interesting! Tonti said in surprise, “I don't think he liked the fact that I called him small.- That would be to find out what he tells us ...

- And this is an idea! - exclaimed Molly and sped off to the next room. After a couple of minutes she returned with a device that looked like a voice recorder.

- Here! This is a translator from any language, even from a bird. Now we find out that he is tweeting there.

She pressed the button and brought the device to the sparrow. He carefully looked at the device, and then sang:

- Chirp chik, chik. Tweeters!

- What kind of thing is this? She seems inedible! - translated the miracle device. Sparrow jumped up and again flew up to the chandelier.
- He was scared! - said Tonti, and then added, turning to the sparrow: - Do not be afraid, baby, tell us about yourself.

Sparrow returned to the table, fluffed up his feathers and importantly began to chirp, and the device quickly translated:

- Let it be known to you: we, sparrows, are not afraid of anything! There are brave, smart and helpful birds.

Perhaps the most intelligent and most useful. We even put monuments for it!
- Here it floods! - laughed Molly.
-Everyone knows that the smartest birds are crows and parrots.

-Yes, yes,- Tonti confirmed, “And the stupidest ones are ostriches.- They are so stupid that when they get scared they hide their heads in the sand.

- Nonsense! - Sparrow tweeted so that something was beeping in the device. - Nonsense! Nonsense 'They just lower their heads to the ground when they get tired. How would they, therefore, breathe in the sand? People consider themselves smart, oh believe in such stupid things! Although, of course, ostriches do not differ in their particular intelligence, this is true. But they run fast,
- And who flies the fastest? Tonti asked.

- Peregrine Falcons Falcons Diving, they can spread up to 320 kilometers per hour, the sparrow chirped, proud of his knowledge.
“At this speed, the main thing is to stop in time so as not to fly the top of the head into the ground. Molly giggled.” She did not believe the sparrow, but she was interested to listen to him, so she asked:

- And what other records do birds have?

- Well, for example, a swift can fly for several months without stopping! - Even merged on the fly.
And vultures and condors fly above all ... Brrrr, nasty vultures,” the sparrow cringed. Then he was silent for a while and again cheerfully chirped:
- Why are there vultures, some birds were even in space! For the sake of experiments, astronauts take birds' eggs with them, and the chicks hatch already in orbit. This I understand - height. But there were cases when small birds such as myself flew into rockets without demand and sent into space with hares. I personally know such a sparrow!

Molly broke down and burst out laughing.
- Isn’t that why sparrows are erected monuments?
- Not for that,- said the warbler seriously. - And for the fact that we save crops from pests.

- Well, yes,- Molly snorted, nodding at the cookie. - You bite all crops with pests!

Sparrow chuckled and turned away. Then Molly poured tea in a saucer and set it in front of the sparrow.

- Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you,- she said.
- Have a better drink! It seems to me. you are already sweating from your stories

Sparrow carefully looked at Molly, and then proudly tweeted:

- Firstly, the birds do not sweat. And secondly, I'm not a seagull for you to drink all sorts of nasty things! They can even drink sea water, and nothing is done to them.

Molly quickly ran to the kitchen and brought clean water. She poured it into another saucer and set it in front of the sparrow. He drank, then took a large piece of cookies into his beak and flew out the open window. And Molly and Tonti opened an encyclopedia about birds and found out that the sparrow deceived them only once. That's the sparrow story.