- How to do everything? - thought Petya. - And they asked so many lessons, and they show an interesting film on TV, and the next level of a computer game must be passed ... Now I would have had not one head, but three!

Suddenly a hissing came from behind him, and smoke came from somewhere. Petya was afraid that a fire had begun. But then he saw a huge three-headed monster and ... scared even more!

- Do you want to have three heads? - the monster growled!

- It seems to me that it will be easier,- muttered Petya,

- So you think I have a very easy life, Zmey Gorynycha?

- Do you want to be in my place? Before Petya could answer, he found himself in the Far Far Away kingdom. And instead of one head, he had three!

- Wow! - Petya was delighted and began to turn his heads in all directions. Suddenly he heard someone screaming:

- Aah! Dragon! Help! - several girls who have just walked calmly along the path scattered in different directions.

- What are they? - Petya was surprised. Next appeared again Zmey Gorynych.

-They decided that you were me.- And they are afraid of me, because I steal young girls. You see, it’s very boring for one, albeit with three heads! So I kidnap someone from time to time. To have someone to talk to.

- Aha! So I was looking for you! - the hero rushed directly to Petya. He was dressed in chain mail and was holding a huge sword.

- Oh, I forgot to warn you,- whispered Petya in Gorynych’s ear, -he is hunting for mine ... that is, your heads.- He dreams of chopping them off! - You know? - said Petya. - deal with your heads yourself. And bring me back! It’s very good for me with one head! I already have time to do everything. And Petya was at home again.

Here is such a story about the Zmey Gorynych.

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