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Mahjong games are a world of wisdom and great patience. This game is very suitable for both children and adults. She perfectly trains reaction and logical thinking. This is not about one game, but about the mass of interesting options for various types of mahjong. In this section, there are various types of games: Christmas, Chinese, Shanghai, solitaire, connect, 3D mahjong and many other types and their layouts. Images on bones can be in the form of hieroglyphs and children's pictures with clear images and bright colors. All the mahjong knuckles are stacked in tiers, pyramids and various designs of interesting shapes. Mahjong is Japan's favorite board game. It is played with whole families in the evenings. This addictive puzzle game requires certain skills. In this section, you can learn to play the most difficult mahjong and become the best and most skillful player among all who play, having received the highest three-star rating. In this game, your main task will be to disassemble all the built forms of mahjong. Only you need to adhere to some rules that will be indicated in each game. In all mahjong layouts, you will have to consistently find and remove pairs of identical bones, gradually opening the lower layers. Mahjong will be an excellent simulator for training your memory, but at the same time it will require perseverance, attentiveness, which everyone needs for quality study or work. Have a good mood and have fun in our bright and exciting section of Mahjong games!